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Impact christian books

Impacting the World since 1971
Thy will be done on earth
as it is in heaven...

The fruit of Salvation includes restoration of peace with a Holy God, a cleansing deliverance from the chains of sin and defilement, and an empowering by the Holy Spirit. 

This precious fruit of the Kingdom of Heaven manifests itself as first a freedom from guilt and shame; second, a freedom from torments and fears (and compulsions or addictions); and third, an ever growing effectiveness for the Kingdom of Heaven, here on earth.


This is precisely what the enemy wants to block and impede, for he sees the potential in each of us, and we are, therefore, a dangerous opponent to him and his ambitions. 

Impact's mission is to equip the believer in Jesus Christ to bring forth this precious fruit of the Kingdom, and as a necessity to this mission, bring a greater knowledge of the spiritual war waging around us. We all have a unique walk ahead with Jesus.

Thankfully, this new potential comes from Heaven itself, and is not of our own making. We cannot accomplish this in our flesh, in our intellect, or through our own resources. It is only by the might and the power of the Holy Spirit that great and lasting works are accomplished for the Kingdom of Heaven. These works are eternal.


       Impact Christian Books

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