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Your Full Salvation

Your Full Salvation

Are you ready for the coming of the Son of God? Whoever you are - wherever you are - this book will give you the direction you need in your life to be ready for Him! Through his studies in the Bible, Peter Hobson has discovered that evangelism, healing and deliverance were part of the Saviourhood of our Lord Jesus. And they are all an effective part of God's end-time plan! Chapter I - Who or What We Are (Spirit & Soul & Body, Blood & Heart, Natural & Spiritual). Chapter II - Our Main Sickness (Sin & Sins, How We Become Infected, Consequences, God's Justice). Chapter III - Your Way Of Escape (How To Be Forgiven, After Conversion, Your Christian Growth). Chapter IV - Going On Strong (Human Will, The Company You Keep, Talking to the Lord, Praising The Lord, Listening to the Spirit, Removing Blocks to Fullness, The Special Case of the End Time). Chapter V - Problems From Which You Can't Run (The World, Flesh, Devil). Chapter VI - Your Great Salvation (Past, Present, Future, Spirit, Body & Soul). Appendix on the Fruit of the Spirit.
  • Paperback
  • 9780947252045
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