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WITNESSING TRACTS: When God Takes Your Place (Pack of 25)

WITNESSING TRACTS: When God Takes Your Place (Pack of 25)

WITNESSING TRACTS: When God Takes Your Place (Pack of 25)


The good news of the gospel is that when you repent of your sin, Jesus takes your punishment for you. In history’s greatest exchange, Jesus gave up his life so you can live.


PARTIAL TEXT:While she sat on death row, Kelly’s entire life changed. She was transformed as she came to understand that Jesus died for her. She encountered the Bible and the truth of the gospel. God worked in her heart to bring her to repentance of her sins and to faith in Christ. The fruit of Kelly’s transformation was on display for all to see. Kelly began to minister to the other women in prison and led various Bible studies. She counseled women through an air vent and prevented some women from committing suicide.


Perhaps the biggest change was that, in Christ, she found peace in the midst of the storm of death she was facing. She was in awe that Jesus took her place on the ultimate death row. On one occasion she said, “I have learned first-hand that no one, not even me, is beyond redemption through God’s grace and mercy. I have learned to place my hope in the God I now know, the God whose plans and promises are made known to me in the whole story of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.” Her hope was not in her continued breaths in this life, but in her union with Christ in this life and in the next. She was a shipwrecked woman who finally found land.


  • Salvation Tract

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