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Why Bad Things Happen to God'S People

Why Bad Things Happen to God'S People

Why Bad Things Happen To God's People: Understanding Why Trials and Tragedies Happen

Have you ever asked:
- If God loves me, why I am going through this trial?
- Why is there so much misery, suffering, persecution, and injustice in the world?

God's people still experience the challenges of life. There is one factor, however, that sets people of faith apart - hope. Derek Prince invites you to face some of your most difficult circumstances head-on with hope.Derek shares timeless truths from the Book of Job that will keep you anchored during any storm.

You will be...
• informed on the roles that satan and sin play in life's circumstances
• equipped to respond to fiery trials with Biblical faith
• assured by embracing mystery
• inspired by the prophetic words of God
• stabilized through a fresh vision of God's sovereignty and power
• comforted through encountering God's holiness
• encouraged as you remember God's relentless plan to reveal His goodness to you
• strengthened to wait for God's abundant provision
• comforted by resting in the Truth of God's goodness, power, and love - no matter what challenges may come up against you!
  • Paperback
  • 9780768411973

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