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Threshold Covenant

Threshold Covenant

• How did Moses and the Israelites know what God meant when he said, 
It is the Lord's Passover?
• Why was blood required on the thresholds of the Hebrew homes in Egypt?
• What role does the threshold play in the marriage covenant?
• Why is a bride carried over the threshold?

This fascinating sequel to the Blood Covenant will give deeper understanding to the role of threshold covenants in Scripture, including a surprising revelation concerning the Passover Covenant!

Chapters Include: Primitive Family Altar (A Blood Welcome At The Door, Reverence For The Threshold, The Connection with the Marriage Ceremony, Laying Foundations in Blood, False Dieties of the Doorway), The Earlist Temple Altar (From House To Temple, Sacredness of the Door, Temple Thresholds in Asia, Temple Thresholds in Africa, Temple Thresholds in Europe, Temple Thresholds in America, etc), The Sacred Boundary Line (Local Landmarks, National Borders), The Origin of the Rite, Hebrew Passover, or Cross-Over Sacrifice, Christian Passover, Perversions Of This Rite, & Appendices
  • Paperback
  • 9780892280759
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