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Three Kinds of Faith for Healing

Three Kinds of Faith for Healing

Many today have been taught that the only way to receive healing is to have personal faith for healing.
The suggestion is that we must somehow "work up" or develop enough personal faith in order to be healed. And then only will we experience God's move on our body; personal faith is the
only determining factor, and it will in some manner acquire our healing.
There is good news, however, because that teaching
is simply not true! There are more ways of healing than just mammoth personal faith. Our pattern for ministry, Jesus Christ, ministered to the problem of blindness in at least five different wayson various occasions. He is today, as He was then, creative in His methods.
Jesus knows exactly how to minister to the needs of individuals at the level of their spiritual as well as their physical need. Let the simple message contained in this book encourage your heart, your mind and your soul as you seek the true Source of love and compassion for your healing — Jesus Christ.
  • Paperback
  • 9780892281039
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