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AUDIO DOWNLOAD: The Infiltration of the Church (mp3)

AUDIO DOWNLOAD: The Infiltration of the Church (mp3)

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A Frank Hammond teaching on the dangers of MIXTURE of spiritualities and counterfeits entering the Church.


What is the Goal of your Christian life?Your goal is to attack the kingdom of Satan and tear it down and replace it with the kingdom of God.


Binding the enemy and delivering the earth is a key part of God’s plan to establish His kingdom on earth, as Revelation 20 demonstrates. You were once part of the kingdom of darkness, but you have been rescued and brought into the kingdom of God through salvation. And that kingdom can continue to grow in you until every part of your being – your mind, will, emotions, and body – is brought under the submission under the Lord Jesus. That is a battle.


In this teaching, Frank Hammond outlines the tactics and methods of Satan to bring God’s children into bondage. These “wiles” include Temptation, Accusation, Deception, Counterfeit, Mixture and Substitution. Through Jesus, we can take back everything the enemy has stolen through his deceit.


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