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The Heavens Declare: Jesus Christ Prophesied in the Stars

The Heavens Declare: Jesus Christ Prophesied in the Stars

What if God created the constellations and named the stars in the heavens? 

This would mean the constellations, which have been perverted by Satan and the occult to tell man's future, were actually intended to foretell the story of the coming of the Son of God - the birth, ministry, death, resurrection, and return of Jesus Christ! 

Take for instance the constellation Virgo - the Virgin. Why would pagan man create the picture of a Virgin holding a male child? (Matthew 1). Why would evil be presented in the form of a snake, whose head is being crushed by the hero of mankind? (Genesis 3). The Hebrews had their own map of the heavens, and the Hebrew constellations and star names tell of the coming of a Messiah for all mankind. 

So did God name the stars? It appears so, according to Psalms 147 and Isaiah 40. What were the original names of the stars? Why were early civilizations so preoccupied with the heavens? Is there a secret message and hidden wisdom in the stars? 

This book is filled with the answers to these questions, with amazing documented proof of the earliest names of stars, both the Hebrew names of the stars (called Mazzaroth) and the Arabic names, and the incredible message contained in those names...of the coming Savior! The deciphering of the Hebrew star names has given a revelation of the heart of the Intelligence behind creation. Research includes material from the British Museum dating back to before 2700 B.C.
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  • 9780892282180
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