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The Believer's Authority Study Guide

The Believer's Authority Study Guide

Gain practical knowledge of your authority in Christ. It’s time for you to rise up and do the work God intended for you to do! Kenneth E. Hagin’s classic book, The Believer’s Authority, has changed countless lives and nations. Christians everywhere have discovered their authority in Christ and learned how to overcome the devil’s attacks. Now, believers can take their understanding to the next level! The Believer’s Authority Study Guide features 10 lessons with all-new material. It is designed to accompany The Believer’s Authority: Legacy Edition and two audio teaching sets, The Believer’s Authority and the Reigning in Life as a King Series. Whether it’s being used for individual or group study, this study material will shed even more light on the subject of spiritual authority.
  • Paperback
  • 9780892765454
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