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The Alcoholic Syndrome

The Alcoholic Syndrome

* Each book has a slight bent corner, so available at a discounted price.


This book is compiled from information which came about as a result of a significant break through in deliverance. As with much of the material in the Hosts of Hell series this was first triggered by things uncovered by our workers here in the Hegewisch Baptist Church.

From godly parents I first learned about the dangers of alcohol. In our day the Lord has stripped off the covers to let us see the demonic network of the alcoholic syndrome and how it operates. The critical role of sins of the fathers and breaking its power was a giant step forward. We quickly learned that the same pattern of circumstances, curses and weaknesses was identical in the drug addict. As a matter of fact everything that works to set the alcoholic free will also loose the bonds on drug addiction or any other heavy addiction.

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