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Spiritual Warfare for Unsaved Family & Loved Ones

Spiritual Warfare for Unsaved Family & Loved Ones

To Bring Those You Love to Christ

People often ask us as we travel to minister, "What can we do about family members? What can we do about friends and loved ones that are lost, or living a life of sin and taken over by the devil?" This question concerns the people in your life who are outside the family of God, but who do not want any help. They are simply not open for direct ministry.

Through spiritual warfare, intercessory prayer, and the ministry of love, we are able to help create the best possible environment around a loved one to come to know Jesus. But we must not lose our closeness with the Lord in the process, as these situations can be quite challenging to our spiritual walk. Using the wall-building example of Nehemiah, and insights from the Book of Jude, Frank Hammond explains the importance of edifying those around us as a means of leading them into a direct relationship with Jesus Christ. Frank Hammond says:

"Remember that the Lord Christ is with you. The Lord is strong; the Lord is mighty; He is the Lord of hosts, the Lord of armies. He will fight in your behalf. Get in the battle and don't let your family or friends go down without resistance. Put up resistance and fight for your loves ones!"

  • Scripture says the god of this present age has "blinded" the minds of unbelievers, so we pray "Lord, bind the spirits of blindness" and "open the eyes of those we love!"

    Spiritual warfare for lost loved ones is not about controlling another person. Over-riding someone else's will is how the kingdom of Satan works, and that is witchcraft. Rather, spiritual warfare for a lost loved one is about binding the work of Satan around that person, rendering the demonic forces impotent, such that a loved one has the best environment, and thus the best chance, to accept the reality of Jesus and His love for them. Salvation will always be a choice of free will.

    God will often bring people into their lives to reach them, through divine encounters and appointments. Hearing the truth from someone outside the family reinforces the truth they have heard within a believing family. You are activating a God of a thousand solutions for a single problem, when you intercede for a lost one.

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