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Smith Wigglesworth On The Holy Spirit

Smith Wigglesworth On The Holy Spirit

Christ's love, power, and joy can flow through you to others, just as they did through Smith Wigglesworth, bringing salvation, healing, and miracles. If your heart's desire is to see great things happen in your life, God will work mightily in you through His Spirit so that you can personally experience His miracle-working power. Learn how the fullness of the Holy Spirit can be yours.


Table of Contents

1. The Baptist in the Holy Spirit
2. Foundational Truths of the Baptism
3. The Fullness of the Spirit
4. Biblical Evidence of the Baptism
5. Paul's Conversion and Baptism
6. Receiving the Baptism
7. Our Heavenly Dwelling
8. Clothed with the Spirit
9. Filled with God
10. The Pentecostal Power
11. Christ in Us
12. Aflame for God
13. "Glory and Virtue"
14. The Might of the Spirit
15. The Place of Victory
16. "The Best with Improvement"
17. Unconditional Surrender
18. New Wine
19. Questions and Answers about the Baptism

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  • 9780883685440

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