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Should a Christian Be A Mason?

Should a Christian Be A Mason?

Under a pretense of moral excellency, the teachings of Freemasonry are - in reality - diametrically opposed to Christianity. Satan never appears in all his grossness all at once. Instead, he inches in secretly, under false pretenses.To do this, Satan skillfully unites idolatry and paganism with Christianity while nominally admitting Christian terms and Christian names. This is precisely what has been done through Freemasonry.

Here are Satan’s Masonic religious concepts: all men believing in a Supreme Being can gather around an altar united in prayer as brothers; no one knows what is truth; God is the same by whatever name He is called. It is an impossibility for the Christian to unite in prayer with those who denounce Christ’s deity and deny His death on the cross.

The Bible is not esteemed by Freemasonry as Masons are led to believe, but its teachings and symbols come, by their own declaration, from an occult source — the Kabalah. My Christian brethren, the postulant for witchcraft is also given an in-depth study of the Kabalah! Let the Christian beware!

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