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Set Apart For God

Set Apart For God

Holiness is a priceless gift from God that most people never unwrap. What they miss!

Why does just hearing the word holiness make many of us uncomfortable?
-We think holiness means restrictive rules and regulations.
-We believe it is an outdated concept that doesn't fit in today's world.
-We fear we could never live up to what holiness requires.

The more we think of holiness in terms of what we must not do, the more control these activities seem to have over us. The beautiful secret revealed to us through Christ is that true holiness means peace, freedom, and strength as we live according to the Spirit and shed the weights that hold us back, so that we can receive all the blessings God wants for us.

In his trademark clear and compassionate approach, best-selling author Derek Prince reveals the beauty and power of holiness. He explains that as we seek holiness, we will understand how deeply our holy God loves us and be continually drawn closer to Him. Join Derek for an adventure into holiness as you discover…

➢ How God predestined you to be holy.
➢ What holiness is and what it is not.
➢ God's provisions to bring you into His holiness.
➢ How to apply God's promises and "participate" in His divine nature.
➢ How to become what God created you to be.
➢ The practical outworking of holiness in your life.
➢ How holiness enables you to fulfill your calling from God.

"Worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness." —Psalm 29:2

  • Paperback
  • 9781603742887

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