Saints at War: Spiritual Warfare for the Family, Church, Nation

Saints at War: Spiritual Warfare for the Family, Church, Nation

Spiritual warfare for your family, your church, your city and your nation.

Christians are in conflict with demons and territorial spirits. This is nothing new... the prophet Daniel confronted the "prince of Persia" when interceding for the captive people of God.

Today, Christians are being called to take their rightful place in the army of God and stand against "powers and principalities" over families, churches, cities and nations. We are invited to participate in the outcome of events through intercessory prayer. Find out the role you can play in God's kingdom through the authority granted you in Christ Jesus.

Learn about warfare and deliverance in the heavenlies, and how to pray for cities and for nations. Contains practial insights into spiritual warfare: Each Christian Is a Soldier, Equipped With Weapons; The Power To Bind & Loose Are Two Keys By Which Satan's Kingdom Will Be Defeated, Christians Can Change the Course of Events In Lives, Families, Communities, and Nations, and more. Topics include: The Authority of the Believer, Binding the Strong Man, Spoiling the Strong Man, The Keys Of The Kingdom, Warfare in the Heavenlies and more.

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