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Prayer Secrets

Prayer Secrets

Rev. Ken Hagin shares the invaluable revelation God gave him that led to his older brother's conversion. Rev. Hagin had prayed earnestly and faithfully for his brother for years ~ seemingly with no success. But after using the "prayer secret" God showed him, his brother was born again in a matter of days. This same prayer secret will be invaluable to you as you pray for your loved ones.

Besides presenting several other important prayer secrets, Rev. Hagin also shares inspiring anecdotes about great prayer warriors of the past, such as Charles Finney, George Whitfield, Smith Wigglesworth, P.C. Nelson, and John G. Lake.

In regard to praying according to the Word, Rev, Hagin comments, "It is a sad thing that Spirit-filled Christians go through life and never act upon the Word. God's Word is true. Jesus did not say that it might be done or that there was a possibility that it could be done. Instead, He said that it shall be done! If you agree on anything, it shall be done. Instead of arguing with the Bible, why don't you just side in with it?"

  • Paperback
  • 9780892760053
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