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Power For Deliverance: Fat & Eating Disorders

Power For Deliverance: Fat & Eating Disorders

Most people have no understanding why they overeat, and often live in continual condemnation for not having sufficient will-power to stop. A number have experienced rejection or feel that they are unattractive. Food was created for our pleasure, by a God who loves us unconditionally. But food can also become distorted, into a weapon against us and a substitute for the comfort of the Holy Spirit.


From forty years of deliverance ministry, Bill Banks offers help to those who have been unable to lose weight or have struggled with eating disorders, like anorexia and bulimia. He shares wisdom gleaned from years of prayer about the possible spiritual roots of over-eating and under-eating.


Bill Banks lists over a dozen spiritual causes for unnatural weight gain, and to build our faith, he includes 15 testimonies of people who found miraculous freedom from bondage to food-related issues, through the casting out of tormenting spirits. This is an eye-opening look at the role food can play as a substitute for the love of Jesus.


  • Paperback
  • 9780892280322
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