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Poltergeists - Demons in the Home

Poltergeists - Demons in the Home

Cleansing Your Home from Demonic Intruders

Do you, or someone you know, have demonic spirits in the home? Are you thrust out of sleep by banging doors, the sound of footsteps, lights going on and off? Do you see mysterious shadows on the wall or creatures at the foot of your bed? If so, there is good news for you. Your house can be cleansed! Just as the inside man can be swept clean of demonic spirits, so too can a house or a dwelling be swept clean from the evil presence and harassment of demonic spirits.

Through decades of travel as deliverance ministers, Frank & Ida Mae Hammond were invited into many homes and asked to rid premises of harassing, demonic spirits. They saw many houses, properties, buildings and even churches cleansed from the enemy’s harassment. The key they share is to recognize our spiritual authority in Christ.

If something like this happens in your house, don’t let it persist: remove any legal right it has to stay, command it to go, and pray blessing and peace over the inhabitants. The process to rid one’s house of demonic spirits, or poltergeists, begins with a careful assessment of what objects and literature we have allowed into our homes. It also encompasses who the previous tenants were and what kind of spiritual activity they were up to. It requires a consideration of generational curses, or demons who have been passed down through bloodlines. Finally, it requires closing those spiritual doors through the powerful name of Jesus.

  • Paperback
  • 9780892283903
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