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Physical Healings & Deliverance

Physical Healings & Deliverance



When breakthroughs for physical healing occur through the casting out of spirits of infirmity (Luke 13:11-13)
In our deliverance ministry over the years, we have seen many physical healings result from the casting out of evil spirits. We have recorded a number of these miraculous testimonies here. In this teaching, we identify the most common spiritual roots of sickness, and offer a prayer of freedom from the enemy’s harassment in our physical bodies.

When faced with persistent or chronic sickness, the question arises, do we have a need for physical healing, or is there a need for a deliverance from a spirit of infirmity along with a physical healing? For wisdom in the matter, we turn to the recorded ministry of Jesus Christ.

In all the physical healings performed by Jesus in Scripture, one third of these healings involved the casting out of evil spirits. Some people He ministered to were in need of purely a physical healing, while others required deliverance from harassing spirits, those hidden forces operating behind the scenes seeking to block wholeness.

In one powerful example, Jesus encountered a woman who had been hunched over for eighteen years, attributed by Luke to a spirit of infirmity. When Jesus set her free from this harassing spirit, she was instantly healed, and stood up straight for the first time in almost two decades. In another instance, Jesus cast out a deaf and mute spirit so that a boy could hear and speak. These are not dogmatic rules; in each instance we must seek the discernment of the Holy Spirit for the need at hand.

Because my wife and I operate in the ministry of deliverance, the majority of physical healings we have seen resulted from the casting out of evil spirits. This has taught us that today, as in Jesus’ day, some sickness can be related to the presence of evil spirits. This may come as a revelation to many who are in search of a healing touch from the Lord. Jesus came to destroy the work of the devil, and to heal all those oppressed by the devil.

The Holy Spirit desires to reveal whether there is a spirit of infirmity operating in a situation, or not. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are designed to expose the enemy’s hand, to learn whether hidden forces are in some way hindering a person’s progress to wholeness. Our prayer is that all will come to know Jesus as Healer.
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