Overcoming Rejection: Revised & Expanded

Overcoming Rejection: Revised & Expanded

Has rejection wounded you, creating fear in your interactions with others? It is time to break this stronghold in your life!

Frank Hammond addresses the all-too-common root problem of rejection and the fear of rejection in the lives of believers, and provides steps to be set free. Learn how past experiences can influence our actions, and how we can be made whole. Find prayers for deliverance from Rejection!

Discover the various causes of rejection, including Types of Abuse, Victims of Physical & Other Forms of Abuse, Peer Rejection, Marriage Rejection, Church Related Rejection, and others. Learn more about the effects of Rejection, including Guilt, Shame, Rebellion, Bitterness, Unforgiveness, Self-Pity, Inferiority, Escapism, Defensiveness, Hopelessness, Fears, Hardness, and Distrust. Explore the unhealthy personality adjustments which result from rejection, such as Perfectionism, Manipulation, Self Promotion, Control, and more.

Finally, learn about the remedy for rejection, and find prayers you can pray to be delivered!

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