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Overcoming Rejection: Revised & Expanded

Overcoming Rejection: Revised & Expanded

Has rejection wounded you, creating fear in your interactions with others? It is time to break this stronghold in your life!

REJECTION is one of the most common inner wounds, and it can occur at any stage in life (from the time of conception through adulthood). Rejection is perhaps the most neglected wound to one’s soul; it brings with it a disturbance of peace and a heaviness of heart. The good news of the Kingdom is that the Spirit of the Lord seeks to restore Your soul (Ps 23), and to bring forth a confidence in who we truly are in Jesus. In this moment, your Savior wants you to become stable in His love, and to find a new freedom from the chaos rejection brings from the enemy.

Frank Hammond addresses the all-too-common root problem of rejection and the fear of rejection in the lives of believers, and provides steps to be set free. Learn how past experiences can influence our actions, and how we can be made whole. Find prayers for deliverance from Rejection!

  • Paperback
  • 9780892284290
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