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Ministering to Abortion's Aftermath

Ministering to Abortion's Aftermath

Have you had an abortion?

If so, do not despair.

Do you carry hidden guilt or fear inside due to this experience?

Jesus wants to set you free.


He will, furthermore, cause "all things to turn around for your good" (Romans 8:28); He loves you that much.


Heaven seeks to deliver anyone caught in bondage by the lies of the god of this age and change the outcome of their lives according to Jeremiah: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Millions of women have had abortions. Many were unaware of the physical, emotional and spiritual consequences, and still carry the trauma of the event with them - even in later years. In Ministering to Abortion's Aftermath, read a dozen stories of women who have found deliverance and freedom from the various bondages associated with abortion, including emotional torment, physical complications, and more. Learn how their triumph can be yours.

Can miscarriage or infertility be connected to past abortions?

Do prior abortions affect the emotional well being of current children?

Can Jesus cause all things to turn around for our good?

Has anyone asked these questions, or found answers?



The Spirit of God knows the answers. Satan is a liar. Some of the key people who have promoted abortion knowingly serve him. As a result, there is much truth that needs to come out about the spiritual effects on men and women who have come into agreement with ending innocent life. Jesus is the Healer and He is the Deliverer; the same miracle worker who ministered to the oppressed two thousand years ago. As with the case of Mary Magdalen, Jesus came to set women free from the grief and bondage of their past caused by the trauma and manipulation of the enemy.


Discover the strategic steps and simple truths that have led these women, and hundreds more like them, to be set free. This book is full of hope - hope that heals!

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  • 9780892280575
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