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Mental Illness - What Can Christians Do?

Mental Illness - What Can Christians Do?

Mental Illness - What Can Christians Do? Including Essential Reading For Genuine Pastors And Ministers Christian ministers are facing ever increasing challenges today as they seek to help the damaged and afflicted, and never has the saving and healing grace of our Lord Jesus Christ been more widely and obviously needed. We need to learn how to restore the human mind, soul and the body from all the damage of the enemy. This book plots the path to Victory and, as always, desperate and hungry seekers get the best results. IF WE ARE NOT WITH HIM WE ARE AGAINST HIM! — Said Jesus after healing the blind and dumb demoniac. COMMENTS ON OTHER PUBLICATIONS “Your teaching reminds me of that of Derek Prince whom I respect very much.” Pastor O’Sullivan, Sydney “… the most powerful books I have ever read.” Morecombe, Blantyre, MALAWI “I have been blessed by EVERY book you have written . . . .I have read many books on Warfare and Deliverance, from Derek Prince, Don Basham, Neil Anderson, Unger, Hobart Freeman, etc., but your books spell it out just as it is, in LOVE and TRUTH. I pray every Pastor and every man and woman of God reads these books…” Lorraine, Australia “I have been greatly blessed by Brother Peter Hobson’s books ... and will be most grateful for a complete list.” Pastor Smith, USA The wisdom, passion and clarity in writing is scripture based and ... leads to a greater level of Holiness. Pastor Wang, NIGERIA
  • Paperback
  • 9780947252151
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