Husbands And Fathers

Husbands and Fathers
Rediscover the Creator's Purpose for Men

Derek Prince has often stated that absent or uninvolved males are the number-one problem in society. In this book Derek presents definitive guidelines for every man who wants to be a godly husband and father, who wants to live in a successful marriage. Here is exactly what men need to know... no pie-in-the-sky theories or culturally influenced backpedaling, just the simple truth of what the Bible says about husbands and fathers.

Chapters include:
• How I Became a Father
• Marriage As A Covenant
• The Role of the Husband
• The Role of the Wife
• The Missing Ingredient
• The Spiritual Authority of a Harmonious Marriage
• The Father As Priest
• The Father As Prophet
• The Father As King
• When Fathers Fail
• How You Can Succeed Despite Failure
• Spiritual Fatherhood
• A Word to the Fatherless
• and more!
  • Paperback
  • 9780800792749