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Guide to Spiritual Warfare

Guide to Spiritual Warfare

You have a very real enemy in this world: Satan. Forget the caricatures of the devil you may have in your mind—a man with horns, a pointy tail, and a pitchfork. The Bible depicts the devil as a powerful being of cunning intelligence, a creature who is determined to derail your faith and ruin your life.

Legendary author E. M. Bounds explains how you can protect yourself by recognizing and defeating the strategies of the devil.


You will discover...

  • Weapons that really work against Satan
  • How to defend yourself against the devil
  • How to expose the rulers of darkness
  • Your most vulnerable areas for attack
  • How to overcome the enemy


Remember, Satan is a liar, and his main objective is to discourage you and weaken your faith. Starting today, you can engage in spiritual warfare and emerge victorious!



1. Who Is the Invisible Enemy?
2. Identifying the Devil's Personality
3. Recognizing the Prince of This World
4. What Is the Devil's Business?
5. Satan's Main Target
6. Satan's Mobilizing of the World's Forces
9. How Powerful Is the Devil?
10. Exposing the Rulers of Darkness
11. The Devil's Battleground
12. Satan's Clever Strategies
13. Our Most Vulnerable Areas
14 Where Does Satan Attack?
15. Using Our Defenses
16. Weapons That Work

  • Paperback
  • 9780883686430

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