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God Is a Matchmaker (Revised)

God Is a Matchmaker (Revised)

Seven Biblical Principles for Finding Your Mate

Do you want a marriage that is "made in heaven?"... Do you want a "successful marriage?" asks Derek Prince. If you are single, your primary question may be how you will find your God-apointed mate. Could you believe that God Himself put this in your heart?

Choosing your mate is the most important decision you will ever make, after salvation itself. This book can help you avoid heartbreak and failure. It contains practical, down-to-earth directions that will help you find God's plan. Derek's and Ruth's firsthand accounts of their own divinely orchestrated romance will excite and challenge you.

Topics include:
• Preparing Yourself for Marriage
• Following God's Leading
• The Role of Parents & Pastors
• Counsel and Comfort for Divorces
• Are There Some Who Should Not Marry?
• and more!

  • Paperback
  • 9780800795030

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