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The FRANK HAMMOND Complete Audio Package (on CD)

The FRANK HAMMOND Complete Audio Package (on CD)

The Frank Hammond Audio Library Package

Find all the wonderful Audio Teaching by Frank Hammond in one place. In this set, you will find his teaching on Deliverance, Soul Ties, Rejection, Familiar Spirits, and so much more. No one could explain these things in such a down-to-earth manner quite like Frank Hammond.

The list of titles includes:

Binding the Strongman (1 CD)
The Discerning of Spirits (1 CD)
Rejection - Cause & Cure (1 CD)
Spoiling the Enemy's House (1 CD)
Obstacles to Deliverance (1 CD)
Familiar Spirits (1 CD)
Freedom from Demonic Soul Ties (2 CDs)
Breaking Strongholds (2 CDs)
The Deliverance Series (7 CDs)
Freedom from Bondage Series (6 CDs)
End Time Series (6 CDs)

If you enjoy listening to good teaching, while driving, cooking, traveling, or just to learn, these teachings will fill your life with Holy Spirit words of wisdom and knowledge.

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