Eradicating the Hosts of Hell

Eradicating the Hosts of Hell

Uprooting the Hidden Enemy

Chapter 1: A Word of Explanation
Chapter 2-4: Prophecies
Chapter 5: The Abomination of Abortion
Chapter 6: Strife at Work
Chapter 7: Curses from the Past
Chapter 8: The Principles of Deliverance
Chapter 9: Returning Curses to the Senders
Chapter 10: Sending forth Angels
Chapter 11: Susceptibility to Demons
Chapter 12: Mass Deliverance
Chapter 13: Ancient Demon Gods
Chapter 14: Spirits from the Heavenlies
Chapter 15: The Lord's Storehouse
Chapter 16: Secret Manual
Chapter 17: Dealing with the Ahab Spirit
Chapter 18: The Sins of Paris
Chapter 19: What the Bible says about Dogs

As well, many deliverance testimonies: Promiscuity, Rebellion, Sex & the Occult, Blasphemy, Endless Dieting, Quitting Smoking, the Roots of Jezebel, and Drugs & Rock Music 

  • 180 Pages

  • 9781930275058