Engaging The Enemy (Deliverance Series Vol 2)

Book II in Peter Hobson's teaching manual on casting out demons. This second book in his series deals with such topics as: Practical Issues For Ministers Of Deliverance (Single or Group Ministry?, Private Group, Public Group, Sample Meetings, etc), Opening Prayers, Instructions to Demons (Binding, Commanding Spirits, Names & Discernment of Spirits, Talking With Demons, etc), Where to Send Demons, The Transference of Spirits (Beware During Ministry, Beware at Death, Beware When Counseling, Beware of Occult Demonstrations), About The Drama & Manifestation and the Lord's Answer, Self-Deliverance (Beware Lack of Discipline, Lack of Honesty, Lack of Support), Ministry From a Distance, Completing a Deliverance Session, and the need for Ongoing & Continuous Ministry.
  • Paperback
  • 9780947252021