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DVD: The Schizophrenia Revelation (2 DVDs)

DVD: The Schizophrenia Revelation (2 DVDs)

A Teaching from Pigs in the Parlor on the Schizophrenia Revelation

Schizophrenia is a disturbance, a distortion or a disintegration of a person’s soul, also known as their personality. Most of us have battled, or are battling, this demonic strategy in our lives to some degree. The powerful and surprising truth contained in this two-part teaching is that this pattern of demonic spirits is common throughout all mankind, and represents Satan’s plan to bring God’s people into bondage. Over the course of decades of deliverance ministry, Frank and Ida Mae Hammond have identified the wound of rejection as the door opening spirit, and the strongman that brings with it this network of demonic spirits.

The result of this revelation was a diagram, given by the Lord to the Hammonds, that describes in detail the tie between passive and aggressive spirits in an individual’s life. The real self is buried beneath all this demonic garbage, but it has the potential, through deliverance and repentance, to grow and mature in Christlikeness, and to be made whole.

At the end of this teaching, Frank Hammond ministers powerful deliverance for over 30 minutes against the root spirits of Rejection and Rebellion, and works through the network of spirits behind Schizophrenia.
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