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DVD: Obstacles To Deliverance

DVD: Obstacles To Deliverance

Are there obstacles that stand in the way of us receiving deliverance? And are there obstacles that stand in the way of us becoming deliverance ministers?

In this insightful teaching, Frank Hammond enumerates 14 common misconceptions and lies of the enemy that keep people from realizing their potential in Jesus Christ. 

When we entered into our salvation in Jesus, we were inducted into the army of God and issued spiritual armor and spiritual weapons, as shown in Ephesian 6 and 1 Corinthians 10. Through His Word, God has pointed out who the enemy is, that he is real, and has instructed us to take an active, aggressive stance against him.

However, many Christians shy away from this duty due to a variety of fears, including fear of demons, fear of demonic retaliation, and fear of what man might think. In this DVD, Frank Hammond addresses these obstacles, and shines the light of truth of God’s Word to expel these hindering lies of the enemy.

Frank ministers briefly at the end of this teaching in the area of territorial warfare, and comes against religious pride, tradition, conformity, and denominational arrogance.
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