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DVD: Breaking Soul Ties

DVD: Breaking Soul Ties

What is a soul tie?

Is there a scriptural basis for these bondages? Are they always demonic? How are they formed? How can they be broken?

Soul ties were created by God as a healthy and normal part of human existence. Satan, however, took the pure and the holy soul tie and perverted it, thus opening the door for his evil spirits to come into a person’s life. For every Godly soul tie, Satan has developed a counterfeit, unholy tie.

Marriage is an example of a Godly bond between a husband and wife, while adultery and fornication create demonic soul ties outside of the marriage covenant.

In this teaching, Frank Hammond describes how both good and evil soul ties are formed, and how we can live in the freedom purchased for us by Jesus Christ. Frank includes powerful ministry at the end of his teaching to break demonic soul ties, including those formed with sexual spirits and self-centered spirits.
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  • 9780892282210
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