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Divine Healing - Andrew Murray

Divine Healing - Andrew Murray

After an illness interrupted his ministry for more than two years, Andrew Murray received a miraculous restoration of health through the prayers of God's people. Divine Healing is the classic work resulting from Murray's deep study of Scripture on this topic, and the sermons that resulted from that study. In it, he unpacks the promise of James 5, that the prayer of faith will heal the sick. He writes about the prerequisites for healing, which are repentance from sin and the sanctification of the body by fully giving it over to God. Murray addresses such questions as:


Is it God's will to heal the sick?

Why are some people healed while others are not?

What role do doctors play in miraculous healing?

Why do many Christians doubt the gifts of healing?

Does sickness come from God or from Satan?



South African pastor and author Andrew Murray (1828-1917) was an amazingly prolific writer. Murray began writing on the Christian life for his congregation as an extension of his local pastoral work, but he became internationally known for his books, such as Abide in Christ, that searched men's hearts and brought them into a deep relationship with Christ. Writing with an intensity of purpose and zeal for the message of the Gospel, Murray wrote numerous books even after his "retirement" at age seventy-eight.

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