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Demons & Deliverance in the Ministry of Jesus

Demons & Deliverance in the Ministry of Jesus

Are you looking for a book that provides concrete, scriptural evidence of the significance to Jesus of the ministry of casting out demons? And its significance for the Church today? This is it!

This book sets forth guiding principles from the earthly ministry of Jesus for confronting demons and delivering the oppressed. By walking through the Gospels, Frank Hammond shows how these accounts provide a basic understanding of the devil and demons, and how they reveal a tremendous amount of information on the ministry, and the legitimacy, of casting out of demons.

Through this book, you will learn practical, helpful insights into:
• The nature and function of the demonic kingdom
• Discerning right and wrong methods of deliverance
• Fears that defeat Christians
• The believer’s commission
• The believer's authority and anointing
• Maintaining balance in deliverance

If you yearn to see God's heart for mankind, and long to know the power available in Jesus' ministry to set the oppressed free, this book will change your life.

  • It is my intent with this book to lay out for the reader, in chronological order, all the encounters Jesus had with the demonic kingdom in His earthly ministry, and glean what information the Holy Spirit would have us learn from His ministry.

    There are many assumptions about Satan's activity during the life of Jesus, but in this particular study we have extracted only the direct references to Satan or his demonic spirits. The accounts are taken in chronological order, following Dr. A.T. Robertson’s The Harmony of the Gospels. Where accounts are found in more than one Gospel, all the references are given, and the reference to the Gospel quoted is highlighted in bold print.  

    This thus provides a powerful, biblically-based answer to those who suggest deliverance was not an important part of the ministry of Jesus, or that it was just the "language of the day" in which He lived.


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