Deliverance from Childlessness & Infertility

Are you aware that the Bible has a lot to say about childlessness? Or, that demonic spirits can - in some cases - prevent childbirth? 

This book contains a wealth of information on ministry and healing to childless couples, including:

• Reports of 9 miraculous births granted to formerly barren women
• Examples of women healed of barreness
 • Illustrations of children as answers to prayer
  • Instances of children denied because of a curse of childlessness
 • a list of sexual spirits, and more!

Learn more about... How curses of childlessness come into being and how they may be broken; Ways that spirits of infertility and sterility enter and how to cast them out. Read 6 testimonies of couples who were infertile and who now have children!
  • Paperback
  • 9780892280377