Deliverance For Children & Teens

Includes discussions on generational or hereditary issues, the role of discipline in the home, ministering to adopted children, and help for the wayward child. Information and cases collected in over 30 years of ministry to families.

Learn simple, surprising truths: • The Easiest of all ministry is to small children, • Discipline is a basic form of Spiritual Warfare • Demonic problems can come through heredity or experience, • Deliverance need not be frightening if properly presented.

Includes a list of the most common ways demons enter children (Abuse, Childhood Trauma, Hereditary, Sibling Rivalry, Rejection, Abandonment, Divorce, Exposure to occult, and more). The Mechanics of Ministry section covers topics including: Jesus teaches how to deliver a child, How to pray for the deliverance of a child, When to minister deliverance to a child, and the Stages of deliverance.
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  • 9780892280346
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