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Deliverance And Spiritual Warfare Manual

Deliverance And Spiritual Warfare Manual

Demons want to take your peace, joy, health, and prosperity. Fight back with this easy-to-use guide. God has established the victory for you over the powers of the enemy. Deliverance will give you rest, and spiritual warfare will give you the training, strategies, and endurance so that you can live abundantly under the covenant blessings of God. Bringing much-needed light to expose the works of darkness, the Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare Manual provides essential information on spiritual warfare basics and strategies, including: The names of demons and strongholds and specific prayers against them The ministry of deliverance and prayers for self-deliverance Fasting, prayer, and intercession for others, and much more! Don't let fear keep you or those you love from peace and freedom. No matter what issue you are facing, this powerful guide gives you the tools you need to confront the enemy head-on.

  • Paperback
  • 9781621366256

$16.99 Regular Price
$14.99Sale Price
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