Conquering the Hosts of Hell

Chapter 1: Poems
Chapter 2: Prophecy
Chapter 3: Hegewisch Baptist Church
Chapter 4: Buying the Preacher
Chapter 5: Deliverance in the Local Church
Chapter 6: Authority of the Believer
Chapter 7: Deliverance Patterns in the Bible
Chapter 8: Notes from a Deliverance Session
Chapter 9: Misconceptions about Dealing with Demons
Chapter 10: Anesthesia and Transfusions
Chapter 11: Notes on Witchcraft, Symbols and Objects
Chapter 12: Self-Deliverance
Chapter 13: The Curse of Jezebel
Chapter 14: Deception
Chapter 15: Warning Against Contact with the Occult
Chapter 16: Occult Counselors
Chapter 17: Physical Restraint
Chapter 18: Susceptibility to Spiritual Attack
Chapter 19: Forgiveness
Chapter 20: Dealing with Bitterness
Chapter 21: Renunciation of Sexual Sins
Chapter 22: The Incubi and Succubi
Chapter 23: Freedom from Inordinate Affections
Chapter 24: Subliminal Advertising
Chapter 25: Sex and the Single Christian
Chapter 26: Demonic Cults for the Young
Chapter 27: Testimonies
Chapter 28: God's Angels
Chapter 29: The Spirits of God
Chapter 30: Evil Spirits Mentioned or Implied in Scripture
Chapter 31: Possible Roots of Infirmity
Chapter 32: Further Suggestions about Deliverance
Chapter 33: Renunciation of the Occult
Chapter 34: Sickness & Demonic Symptoms
Chapter 35: Testimonies 

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