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Blood Covenant

Blood Covenant

The original, recognized, authoritative resource for old-world covenants, by Henry Clay Trumbull. 

The Blood Covenant is one of the least understood, and yet most relevant covenants for our understanding of God's dealings with man, throughout the Bible. This covenant of life & death spans the entire sacrificial system of the Old Testament, and is the basis for the Act of Communion in the Church today.

Learn more about: The Primitive Rite of The Blood Covenant (The Ancient Semitic Covenant, The African Rites, Traces of European Rites, Worldwide Review of the Covenant), Suggestions and Perversions of This Rite (Sacredness of Blood and the Heart, Symbolic Substitutes For Blood, Nature & The Blood), Indications of This Rite In The Bible (Circumcision, Passover, At Mt. Sinai, Mosaic Ritual, In The Gospels), and an Appendix of Useful Information on the Blood and Life.
  • Paperback
  • 9780892280292
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