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Blessing or Curse (with Study Guide)

Blessing or Curse (with Study Guide)

Freedom from pressures you thought you had to live with.

Are you continually frustrated by sickness, financial pressure, strained relationships? Or perhaps accidents happen to you and your family with perplexing regularity? Derek Prince suggests that there are two forces at work in every life, Blessings and Curses. One is beneficial, the other is harmful. To enjoy the benefits of God's blessings and be protected from curses, we need to understand how these forces work. Derek draws on real-life experiences of people who dealt with curses, some of which originated in a previous generation. He shows you how to recognize a curse at work and to find release in God's blessings!

Curses covered include:
• Curses from false gods
• Curses from moral and ethical sins
• Curses from anti-semitism
• Curses from legalism
• Curses from carnality
• Curses from apostasy
• Curses from theft
• Curses from perjury
• Curses from robbing God
• Curses from Authority Figures, and
• Self-imposed curses

  • Paperback
  • 9780800794088

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