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Battling the Hosts of Hell

Battling the Hosts of Hell

The Diary of an Exorcist 

Win Worley's first book, his classic, is now available! This contains material useful for assimilating and utilizing material in succeeding books. Written to expose demonic deceptions and teach Spiritual methods for Christians to defeat evil spirits. Believers can recognize snares and learn how to break bondages.

Section 1: The Diary
Section 2: The Satanic Cosmos
Section 3: The Battle Today
Section 4: Invading Enemy Territory
Section 5: The Flesh or the Devil?
Section 6: What About Demons in Christians?
Section 7: Music and Demons
Section 8: Rock and Roll Music
Section 9: Christian or Jesus Rock Music
Section 10: Satan in the Classics?
Section 11: Clapping and Rhythm - Joy or Mayhem?
Section 12: Battling the Hosts of Hell
Section 13: Conditions for Deliverance
Section 14: Strength in Numbers
Section 15: Satanic Subversion
Section 16: The Battle is the Lord's
Section 17: How Demons Operate
Section 18: Danger - Backlash
Section 19: Deliverance: A Walk, Not an Event
Section 20: Testimonies
Section 21: Multiple Appendices, including...
Section 22: Preparing to Receive Deliverance 

  • Paperback
  • 215 pages

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