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Authority In Three Worlds: Recognizing Your Spiritual Authority

Authority In Three Worlds: Recognizing Your Spiritual Authority


God has restored your authority in the earth through Jesus and given you back that which satan stole from Adam in the garden.  The name of Jesus gives you authority in three worlds and the Bible states that using that name causes beings in heaven, beings in earth, and beings under the earth to yield to that name.

Jesus delegated His authority to you to carry out His ministry. This delegated authority gives you:
Dominion in the Earth through Spoken Words
The Power to Bind the Forces of Hell
The Authority of the Body Anointed by the Holy Spirit
The Ability to Change Circumstances

Sound too good to be true?

Jesus Christ Himself delegated His authority to you.  Every believer has a LEGAL RIGHT to exercise authority in the earth today.  This authority was given to every Christian so that the sick can be healed, finances can be loosed, and those bound by satan, sin, and oppression can be free.

It’s time for believers to rise up in the full authority that God intended!  Discover your spiritual authority and start changing your world today.

  • Paperback
  • 9781937578701

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