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AUDIO DOWNLOAD: The Mind, the Will and the Emotions (mp3)

AUDIO DOWNLOAD: The Mind, the Will and the Emotions (mp3)

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Our soul consists of three elements – mind, emotions and will. It is in these three areas that we need to practice discipline in order to avoid demonic bondages, and to remain free to live up to our true potential in Jesus Christ.

An undisciplined mind is characterized by a proneness to be fearful, tormented, pressured, confused or polluted with unclean thoughts. It is often a hyperactive mind, not settled in the peace of God. In the same sense, our emotions must be brought under the control of the Holy Spirit. If your emotions are not under control, or you are emotionally distraught, then you cannot function as a spiritual man. King David often had to bring his soul back into alignment with God’s promises, as evidenced in the Psalms. Our wills also have to be aligned with the will of God as expressed through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If our will is not, then we are open to two extremes… rebellion or passivity, both being door openers to demonic spirits.

The good news is that you can be delivered from mind-binding spirits, rollercoaster emotions, and a rebellious or passive will!

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