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AUDIO DOWNLOAD: Deliverance from Self (mp3)

AUDIO DOWNLOAD: Deliverance from Self (mp3)

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Are you living up to your potential in Jesus Christ? Some Christians are not, and there is one main reason why – our self gets in the way. But there is good news!

Jesus wants us to represent His kingdom to the world as long as we are alive. He wants us to be of the maximum use – to achieve our very top potential – as a believer. But there is an enemy, the devil and his hosts of evil spirits, and they have a different goal. Their goal is to prevent us from being our best, from coming into Christlikeness, to keep us from being effective servants for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Every demon has some association with self. We have to be delivered from self-centered spirits and behaviors in order to live up to the true potential in Jesus. Then we are free to live according to the leadership of the Holy Spirit in our life.

Frank concludes this teaching with powerful deliverance ministry against spirits of rejection, undiagnosed pain, the occult, abuse and violence in families, and abandonment.

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