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Spoiling the Enemy's House (1 CD)

Spoiling the Enemy's House (1 CD)

From the author of Pigs in the Parlor…

Are their obstacles in your life preventing you from succeeding in life? Are there giants in your way, situations that stubbornly refuse to change?

Frank Hammond explains the concept of spoiling the enemy’s house… destroying the enemy’s strongholds that act as obstacles to our walk with God. Through multiple Scriptural examples, Frank Hammond demonstrates the pattern of binding powers and principalities in the supernatural realm, in order to see God’s will break through in the natural realm. When the strongman is bound in the heavenlies, the human instrumentality that Satan has been using will either yield to the flow of God, or be removed from the scene. As this happens, Satan’s house will be spoiled.

Our weapons against these spiritual forces are not fleshly weapons, they are spiritual. With them the followers of Jesus can change history!

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  • 9780892284214
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