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Rejection - Spiritual Cause & Solution (1 CD)

Rejection - Spiritual Cause & Solution (1 CD)

Rejection is a root spirit in many people’s lives. The wound of rejection can be compared to a wound in the flesh; both need to be cleansed to avoid infection. The way you cleanse an inner wound is through forgiveness; without this, a spiritual infection can arise — an unclean spirit can infect that wound. The solution is to cast out that spirit in the Name of Jesus.

In this practical teaching, Frank Hammond highlights the common causes of rejection in our lives, and explains how it can begin as early as in the womb. Frank explains his own battles with rejection which began early in childhood and affected his adult years as a young pastor.

Frank concludes with a deliverance prayer and confession against the root spirit of rejection in our lives.
  • CD
  • 9780892283941
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