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Audio CD: Reigning In Life As A King (4 CDs)

Audio CD: Reigning In Life As A King (4 CDs)

COMPACT DISC SERIES (4 CDs). You Were Created to Reign!

Man was created to reign as a king in this life. God never intended that man be a slave to sin, bad habits, sickness, or anything that binds.

In this four-CD series, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin explains how Jesus became a sacrifice for us, redeeming us from spiritual death and imparting true life to us.

You will discover:
Your position of right-standing with God, How to walk in the life of God, How you have been freed from the dominion of Satan, The vital union you have with God Himself, and How to reign in life through your right-standing with God.

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  • 9.78161E+12
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