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Audio CD: Mountain Moving Faith (6 CDs)

Audio CD: Mountain Moving Faith (6 CDs)

One of the most important Bible facts that will establish believers in a victorious faith walk is that they already have faith. They have a measure of the God-kind of faith - the faith of God that created the worlds in the beginning.


This series teaches believers six fundamental facts of faith that will enable them to change their circumstances and move mountains out of their life. Brother Hagin explains the key difference between head-faith and heart-faith.


Included in this series are:

  • The Measure of Faith,
  • How Your Faith Can Grow,
  • Real Faith Is Of The Heart,
  • Forgive - And Keep a Good Report,
  • Faith By Saying For Finances, and
  • When Your Faith Can Work For Others.
  • CD
  • 9.78161E+12
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