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Audio CD: God's Healing Mercy (6 CD)

Audio CD: God's Healing Mercy (6 CD)

Don't let the devil rob you of the Lord's blessings! It's time to let God's mercies wash over you and set you free. You can receive whatever you need!

Many people think of the Lord's mercy and compassion only in relation to salvation. Thank God, His mercy is extended to sinners. But Second Corinthians 1:3 says He is the Father of "mercies"—plural. Pulling from Scripture, Kenneth E. Hagin shows us that healing is also a mercy of God. Our loving Heavenly Father longs to see us healed, even more than we desire to be healed! And when our faith is just as strong in His mercy of healing as it is in His mercy of forgiveness, we'll be healed just as easily as we were forgiven.

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