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Freedom From Demonic Soul Ties (2 CDs)

Freedom From Demonic Soul Ties (2 CDs)

Soul ties are formed when two or more people become bonded together. Some soul ties are Godly, and others are not; some are holy, and some are demonic. In this teaching, Frank Hammond explains that the soul ties approved by God are based on agape love.

When Satan gets the opportunity, he will pervert that which is pure and of God’s creation. Demonic soul ties are perversions of the good and holy. Demonic soul ties are founded upon lust, rebellion, control and domination, and these involve evil spirits.

We achieve freedom from demonic soul ties by commanding the associated evil spirits to leave us in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Frank concludes this teaching with powerful ministry against demonic soul ties by the casting out of spirits.
  • CD
  • 9780892283613
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