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Breaking Demonic Strongholds (2 CDs)

Breaking Demonic Strongholds (2 CDs)

The Schizophrenia Revelation from Pigs in the Parlor

Satan has a master plan for all of us. The good news is that Jesus has the means of healing our personality — through deliverance, the casting out of demons.

This breakthrough teaching by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond was presented in Chapter 21 of Pigs in the Parlor, where it is referred to as “The Schizophrenia Revelation.” In this 2 part audio teaching, Frank Hammond explains how people battle demonic oppression through a common pattern of spirits. In particular, he explains the various demonic strongholds (as shown on the enclosed diagram) and how they interact to form a network of harassing spirits in many of our lives.

You can be free from the torment of demonic spirits in your life, and this teaching can open a doorway to a freedom you never knew existed through Jesus Christ.

*includes Diagram from Chapter 21 of Pigs in the Parlor

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  • 9780892283637
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